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Wishing upon a shooting star

There is a very common belief in many countries – that if one makes a wish on a shooting star, the wish is fulfilled. Many of us hope that we will see a shooting star and this will happen. We also wonder what is the truth behind this belief. This question was once asked to the Mother. Here is her beautiful and revealing answer :
Q. It is said that if one sees a shooting star and at that moment one aspires for  something, that aspiration is fulfilled within the year. Is this true?
Ans. Do you know what that means? – The aspiration must be formulated during the time the star is visible; and that doesn’t last long, does it? Well, if an aspiration can be formulated while the star is visible, this means that it is all the time there, present, in the forefront of the consciousness – this does not apply to ordinary things, it has nothing to do with that, it concerns a spiritual aspiration. But the point is that if you are able to articulate your spiritual aspiration just at that moment, it means that it is right in front of your consciousness, that it dominates your consciousness. And, necessarily, what dominates your consciousness can be realised very swiftly.
I had the opportunity to make this experiment. Exactly this. The moment the star was passing, at that very moment there sprang up from the consciousness: “To realise the divine union, for my body.” That very moment.
And before the end of the year, it was done.
But it was not because of the star! It was because that dominated my whole consciousness and I was thinking of nothing but that, I wanted only that, thought only of that, acted only for that. So, this thing which generally takes a whole lifetime – it is said the minimum time is thirty-five years! – before twelve months had passed, it was done.
But that was because I thought only of that.
And it was because I was thinking only of that, that just when the star flashed by I could formulate it – not merely a vague impression – formulate it in precise words like this: “To realise union with the Divine”, the inner Divine, the thing we speak of, the very thing we speak of.
Therefore, what is important is not the star but the aspiration. The star is only like an outer demonstration, nothing else. But it is not necessary to have a shooting star in order to realise swiftly! What is necessary is that the whole will of the being should be concentrated on one point.
- The Mother
(Cwmce > Questions And Answers Volume-08 > 04 July 1956,

 pp. 211-212)

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