Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Mother's Prayers to the Rain God and the Sun God

Courtesy: Learning with the Mother by Tara Jauhar,
pp. 155-156, Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Delhi Branch


pianomonika said...

Prayer took an important place in life at all times of man.
For the prosperity of our nature we need the rain and the sun.
Too much rain makes the crop rotten,and the sun does not allow the fruit to mature.
For the event, the Physical Demonstration, all the members prayed with The Mother, who wanted to stop the rain.
The prayers were heard.

pianomonika said...

A thought-Order:
''Jesus Christ in Matthew 5:45 says, "The Father in heaven makes his sun rise above evil and good, and rains over righteous and unrighteous."
God is the one who ensures that we can all live.
In ancient Egypt, the sun god (more precisely, since the second dynasty) has been revered for over 3,000 years. In the course of the centuries, all the great gods merged with him. Names like Atum-Re, Chnum-Re and of course Amun-Re can be found in numerous texts and documents.
The Inca rulers were regarded as the direct descendants of the sun god and also called themselves "Sapa Inka". Iqiqu was a God.
Chaac (also Chaq ) was the god of rain, thunder, fertility and agriculture in the gods world of the Maya.
The rain God Chac had a great importance due to the frequent periods of dryness in the Maya area, and many sacrifications were performed in his honor.